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According to The Indian Brand Equity Foundation;

The Indian pharmaceuticals market witnessed growth at a CAGR of 5.64 per cent, during FY11-16, with the market increasing from US$ 20.95 billion in FY11 to US$ 27.57 billion in FY16. The industry’s revenues are estimated to have grown by 7.4 per cent in FY17. Indian pharmaceutical market grew 5.5 per cent in CY2017 in terms of moving annual turnover. In March 2018, the market grew at 9.5 per cent year-on-year with sales of Rs 10,029 crore (US$ 1.56 billion). By 2020, India is likely to be among the top three pharmaceutical markets by incremental growth and 6th largest market globally in absolute size.

India is racing towards a globally competitive track as pharma companies continue to find out a balance between business interests amongst various legal and regulatory updates that have been issued by the respective authorities. Whether it’s the price capping wars or India’s intellectual property regulations and liabilities laws that supposedly pose a major barrier to foreign companies, there are an array of subjects that need major deliberation upon by both the in-house counsel and external counsel of the sector.

Red flags and fraudulent schemes, channel stuffing, expired inventory, institutional deals, sampling are just a few of the corridor combating discussions that the summit will very closely focus on when it comes to creating a cent per cent compliant business functioning for a pharma company today. Patent wars remain a one of the major conversation points for the industry. However, what has recently been opined upon and needs a closer look is whether companies tend to peruse legal stands more often to pass through anti-evergreening objections instead of validation via proof of therapeutic efficacy?

Lex Witness since the last 7 years has been organizing a dedicated platform for the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector’s legal professionals to get together and brainstorm on various topical issues. We now foray into The Lex Witness 8th Annual Pharma Legal & Compliance Summit 2019 scheduled for 18th October 2019, Mumbai. With power packed sessions throughout the day, the summit will showcase industry leaders as expert speakers in their respective function areas expressing their lessons, tricks and success stories.

The Lex Witness 7th Annual Pharma Legal & Compliance Summit 2018 focused panel discussions were;

India’s Stand on The Pharma Turf – Good Enough?
Effective Handling of Pharma Disputes Through Arbitration
IPR – Is The Indian Pharma Sector Poised Towards Innovation?
The Regulatory Rhymes – Good to Know!
Contemporary Issues under Income Tax Act – Pharma Focus
Data & Tech Talks – Is India Inc. Ready?

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