The Lex Witness Summit Secretariat

Typically known as an A to A magazine – an adult to adult magazine as they say, Witness has been a platform for knowledge sharing and thought leadership on various industry sectors. It is through the space of the magazine as well as the pedigree of summits which it has been organizing ever since its inception that industry veterans bring into limelight various undercurrents of law in their respective chambers and corporate offices!

A major development here at the action packed Summit Secretariat is the extension of these services to various organizations who have started entrusting Witness with the responsibility to create, execute and conclude Summit Concepts to meet their respective purposes. Witness through its already existing ecosystem of summit management team is all set to provide these services with an added expertise of quality content through the magazine presence. You have an idea and we have a summit to showcase it! For more details on our Summit Secretariat services please contact us.

Meanwhile here’s a gist of Witness Summits so far!

Lex Witness Summits 2018
Lex Witness Summits 2017
Lex Witness Summits 2016
Lex Witness Summits 2015
Lex Witness Summits 2014
Lex Witness Summits 2013
Lex Witness Summits 2012
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Lex Witness Summits 2010

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